IT Maintenance Contracts

ATS are a company based in Tamworth, Aldridge and Lichfield. ATS provide a range of IT maintenance contracts. These contracts start at as little as £13 a month and can be tailor made to suit the requirements of any business with an IT infrastructure. The IT maintenance contracts involve the installation of specialist predictive software and proactive IT support. The IT maintenance contract you decide on will allow your company to benefit from state of the art remote IT support. The Server Lite Package allows you the comfort of local IT support (the suitablilty of local support depends on your proximity to Tamworth and other ATS offices) with the luxury of being able to choose as how much you want to pay and what services you require. The IT maintenance contracts from ATS are guaranteed to help lower your overheads.

Proactive IT Support

Proactive IT support will improve the efficiency of your work place. Why wait for a problem to arise when it can be identified, isolated and removed from your IT system. ATS offer a wide range of IT services designed to maximise the efficiency of your IT systems. Proactive IT support involves regular audits to identify where performance issues might exist. This proactive IT support includes audits of anti-virus software, hardware and network performance.

Remote IT Support

The remote IT support provided by ATS will allow you the luxury of having an engineer monitor your site remotely. The IT support engineer will be able to analyse your systems performance without even having to set foot in your office. This remote IT support is comprised of proactive IT monitoring and regular audits. If problems cannot be resolved remotely an IT engineer can be called out to your premises.

IT Support Tamworth

Associated Technology Solutions have been established for over 60 years and have offices in Lichfield, Tamworth and Aldridge. ATS provide IT support in Tamworth and throughout the Midlands. IT consultancy for your business can help unlock its full potential. If you are based in Tamworth, Lichfield, Aldridge or the surrounding area ATS might have an IT maintenance contract that will provide you with intelligent and efficient IT services.

For an impartial appraisal of your IT infrastructure contact ATS about their IT consultancy service