Three Reasons Why Backing Up Should Be Every Business’ Main Priority

From both personal and professional experience, the importance of backing up is widely acknowledged, however, when asking why we should backup, many people simply cannot answer. There have been many instances where backing up has been overlooked and the costly and inconvenient consequences of data loss have been experienced.

As a leading provider of IT services, we often see issues before our clients do, and whilst we always alert our clients when problems do strike and help them to find an appropriate resolution, taking precautions, like utilising backup software, is always recommended. Here we reveal the three reasons why investing in the best backup software should be the next step for your business…

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Using Windows XP Safely Now Support Has Ceased

With the announcement that Windows XP support was about to come to an abrupt end, many businesses still using this operating system went into overdrive. Post April 2014, how are business owners coping without support and how can you continue to use Windows XP safely?

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All You Need to Know About Server 2003’s End of Life

For many small businesses, their IT infrastructure can be a complicated thing to consider. But, by being aware of the server options available specifically for small and start-up businesses, you can harness operations that are truly future proof and built for expansion.

The Microsoft Server 2003 previously offered a supported option for small business owners that simply don’t have the time to manage their business network or wider infrastructure, however, with support coming to an end this year, many organisations simply don’t know where to turn.

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