Understanding Cloud Computing

You have probably heard of ‘Cloud Computing’ or ‘The Cloud’, especially if you own a popular brand of smartphone or laptop. Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud and OneDrive are just a few examples of Cloud Storage.  This upcoming technology is constantly developing and becoming increasingly popular within businesses. With the arrival of ‘tablets’ and small laptops came the need for portable storage, storage that can be accessed remotely.  Being able to access files remotely and work away from your PC reduces time having to duplicate files on different devices and increases productivity.

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The 6 major benefits of having your own file server

Having your very own file server has often been seen as the preserve of much larger, more complex organisations. These days, however, many small and medium sized businesses reap the benefits of owning a file server.

Below are 6 of the key benefits of investing in your very own file server.

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All You Need to Know About Server 2003’s End of Life

For many small businesses, their IT infrastructure can be a complicated thing to consider. But, by being aware of the server options available specifically for small and start-up businesses, you can harness operations that are truly future proof and built for expansion.

The Microsoft Server 2003 previously offered a supported option for small business owners that simply don’t have the time to manage their business network or wider infrastructure, however, with support coming to an end this year, many organisations simply don’t know where to turn.

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