Malware through Powerpoint without Macros

The best defense against Malware and Ransomware is to avoid downloading it altogether, however, this requires a more in-depth knowledge of what it looks like and how it operates. Until recently the second line of defense against Malware or Ransomware is to disable free use of non-trusted macros in documents, however recently discovered techniques for injecting Malware or Ransomware exploit methods of infection without using macros at all.

PowerShell code (Microsoft specific code used by your Operating System) has been exposed as part of new social engineering attacks using “.ppt” (Microsoft PowerPoint) files. After opening the presentation, malicious code triggers once the user hovers over or moves the cursor over a link which in turn activates the virus and causes it to deliver its payload, Ransomware/Malware. No mouse click are required.

A typical method of getting this malicious file to your system is through spoofed or spammed emails, often including tag lines or subjects of “Confirmation” or “Purchase Order”. Large font stating “Loading… Please Wait” will be on show as the main content of the PowerPoint presentation so if you see this please notify us immediately.