All you need to know about IT services management

Trying to run a business is stressful enough without your IT causing you constant problems. The management of IT services is when a specialist IT firm takes charge of managing and monitoring your IT for you without the hassle of having to find time to fix these issues yourself.

The benefits of IT services management

There are many benefits of letting an established IT company manage your IT services for you, some of which you may not have considered before however at ATS we have picked out some of the main reasons to outsource the management of your IT:

IT Service Management• It is far cheaper to outsource your IT services management than it is to employ a full time IT specialist, plus there’s no commitment of having another team member on board which is especially good for small businesses that don’t have the space or money to recruit another individual.
• Constant support from the IT provider is crucial for when your servers may go down if you’re out of the office or you may have lots of work to get on with. Having remote support and 24/7 guidance from an IT expert can ensure you that your business is running efficiently and you are receiving the help you need as a business.
• Security is another benefit of IT services management because you can be certain that your data is backed up often and you are able to recover any lost data instantly with the help of your IT specialist. Backing up your data is becoming increasingly important for online businesses because there are so many threats online that your data could be gone in an instant – this is especially vital for businesses that deal with personal and sensitive information such as accountancy firms or solicitors.

The range of IT services available to businesses

From as simple as IT monitoring and maintenance to a more strenuous task of installing and reconfiguring your servers, there are many features that can be covered within IT services management. One of our exclusive services is PC imaging, similar to normal data recovery however this service enables us to back up the entire machine so you can load everything you had on the previous system onto a brand new one and it will look exactly the same – even down to the bookmarks and toolbars you use! A good example of this is when you may need to upgrade your PC system because it is a bit outdated however you have so much important information and saved files that you need everything replicated for your new PC; using PC imaging is a simple way to transfer everything you have onto a new piece of technology without the risk of losing data. This service is especially helpful for the financial industry.

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