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  1. Why anti-virus alone is not sufficient
  2. How those annoying toolbars end up on your PC
  3. What the latest scary virus’s are doing
  4. How you have unwittingly infected your PC
  5. How to avoid losing data

Why anti-virus alone is not sufficient?

Malware is all about consent, for example when you download a program to install on your computer you might be consenting for malware to be intalled. If available always always check a downloads ‘Checksum’. Software to verify checksums is available from Microsoft or Ubuntu. If the checksums match the software is genuine.

How those annoying toolbars end up on your PC?

Many websites contain ads with offers too good to be true and popups that mysteriously appear as the mouse moves across the page. To avoid malware such as anyoying toolbars and ads that will not just disappear avoid these sites.

What the latest scary virus’s are doing?

Crptolocker signals an evolution in Malware. It has been developed to hold the files on your computer to ransom. Cryptolocker distributors hijack a system and demand that a ransom is paid online to decrypt the files that have been locked.

How you have unwittingly infected your PC

Have you downloaded an email attachment or clicked a link in an email that has infected your PC? Spam mail and phishing is common place. A bogus link could be used to infect your companies network. Also if you are not expecting an attachment do not open it unless you know the sender.

How to avoid losing data

Backing up data to an external hard drive or the cloud can in the event of a computer infection or failure save a company time and money. Always back up everyday to both a USB drive and to an external source such as Associated Tech’s specialised backup. Both these actions secure against fire or theft.

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