Local IT Services

ATS can advance the development of your business through providing outsourced IT services in Lichfield, Aldridge and Tamworth. In these areas many of the businesses are small and have limited IT requirements. However the size of the operation does not mean that their is space for the absense of a professionally managed IT infrastructure.

IT Services for Aldridge Based Businesses

With the majority of Aldridge based businesses classed as small to medium sized enterprises, it’s easy to think that you simply don’t have the budget to rival larger competitors on the IT support front. However, whatever the size or niche of your organisation, you can harness professional IT services for small businesses without breaking the bank.

Unlike larger businesses that operate nationally and even internationally and who have the resources to recruit and manage their own IT team in-house,your small business may not have this luxury. However, by IT outsourcing and enlisting IT services for small business from a third party provider, you can save as much as 40%.

IT Services for SMEs in Lichfield

For businesses based in Lichfield, the use of technology has paved the way for many and even allowed small to medium sized enterprises to rival market leaders. However, without the right support your infrastructure won’t grow and develop with your business.

The IT infrastructure has become an essential part of modern day business, however with budgets tighter than ever for small businesses across Lichfield and beyond, the importance of IT support is often overlooked. Without it, businesses big and small can let the most minor IT failure bring productivity to a standstill. Our proactive IT support with its predictive software can prevent these issues from ever arising.

IT Services for Small Businesses in Tamworth

For small to medium sized enterprises throughout Tamworth and the rest of the West Midlands having the budget to rival bigger organisations has always been an issue.Making the most of technology within your company is a vital strategy that could level the playing field in your industry, regardless of how successful your rivals are.

According to a recent study by Computer Economics, small companies (consisting of 300 employees or less) save between 25% and 40% by outsourcing their IT support. For small to medium sized enterprises in particular it is this prospect of saving money that tips the scales towards IT outsourcing in comparison with recruiting and managing their own in-house IT team.

Additional benefits of outsourcing your IT support to us

We have some extra benefits for you to consider when using our IT Services. Some of these include:

  • Saving you money – It is far cheaper outsourcing IT support externally than employing an IT Specialist at your company who requires a £20,000+ salary
  • Providing support over the phone – We are only a phone call away, whether your business is in Lichfield or if you have several offices, we are always there to talk if you have issues with your IT
  • Keeping your systems safe and secure – We ensure that your anti-virus and anti-spyware software are fully up to date so that your data remains safe
  • Data backup and recovery – Giving you peace of mind that your data is regularly backed up and safe to use if the worst happens

By using a third party provider like us, your Tamworth, Aldridge or Lichfield business can not only find a more cost effective way of gaining professional support but also access a wider range of IT services specifically designed to help your small business thrive. If you think our team would be able to help with your IT system, call us today on 0121 667 4147 to discuss your IT service requirements or fill out a contact form.