Access and send documents using Office 365

Using an internal server to share documents between colleagues is a popular choice for businesses however this limits you to the type of device you can use to send and edit documents on. Office 365 offers total flexibility on where and how you want to send emails within your business.

Office 365Getting to grips with Office 365

The simple way to explain Office 365 is “Microsoft Office but cloud based”, so the usual Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs you most likely use already are accessible at any time or any place from virtually any device as long as an internet connection is present. Everything you save is stored in the cloud and documents are reachable by any colleague with a secure login; the security on Office 365 requires you to set up an account with a password, giving you peace of mind so you can be sure your documents are safe and only shared with people you have granted permission to. This is a far better alternative to normal email which is plagued with problems and risks of duplicated, inaccurate documents.

How will this service impact my business?

Productivity is a huge factor that is improved when using Office 365; being able to share at a click of a button improves the speed and ease of access between you and your colleagues. Calendar syncing enables you to check a person’s schedule and even add a date they can later check which is great when you are trying to organise a meeting or even an event for a client. Online conferencing expands on this, in Office 365 you’re able to setup conferencing with everyone in your workgroup and communicate remotely.

Office 365 is simple and stress-free

One of the major aspects that Microsoft chose for Office 365 is compatibility and ease of access. This is particularly useful for small businesses that may not have the funds or facilities to accommodate a set of PCs or even large businesses that need a quick way of communicating 24/7 between colleagues and clients. Not to mention the ability to create brand new documents without the need to buy additional programs therefore saving your business money at the same time.

The minor drawbacks of using Office 365

There are some limitations which could affect a minority who tend to use certain aspects more than others. If you often send and receive emails which are over 25mb, this software wouldn’t be the best option for you however this is primarily the only drawback to using Office 365.

In regards to cost, Office 365 have a range of reasonably priced packages that all include the software itself and the latest software upgrades for the same monthly cost therefore ensuring your business is up to date with the best service and features.

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