Using Windows XP Safely Now Support Has Ceased

With the announcement that Windows XP support was about to come to an abrupt end, many businesses still using this operating system went into overdrive. Post April 2014, how are business owners coping without support and how can you continue to use Windows XP safely?

XPWhy was support ended?

Microsoft decided to bring their support service for Windows XP to an end in spring 2014 to focus on the development of other services. The support had been ongoing for over 12 years and whilst this particular operating system was a favourite for many, it simply didn’t encompass the capabilities of more recent technologies.

Microsoft therefore decided to end the technical assistance previously available to Window XP users on 8th April 2014.

Can I still use Windows XP?

The answer to this common question is ‘yes’, however, it comes with its disadvantages. Due to its lack of up-to-date support, your computer will be more vulnerable to security risks and viruses, a fact that many hackers and fraudsters have been quick to take advantage of.

Your computer will be particularly vulnerable when browsing the internet. As Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported you will be exposed to additional threats, which could make the data loss you have almost certainly read about a reality.

What should I do?

The discontinued support means that Windows XP users have no guarantee that they can browse the net and use their computers safely. According to NetMarketShare of the 1.5 billion PCs in the world, 27.7% are still using XP, which means over 400 million computers are at risk.

The only way to make your Windows XP computer completely secure is to not access the internet, which for many individuals would render the device useless. It is recommended that you upgrade your computer now to protect yourself from security threats and hacker or virus attacks.

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