The 5 Benefits of Remote IT Support

Remote IT support is now a popular choice for businesses as IT has become a crucial aspect of most workplaces and call-out charges can be cost prohibitive. Here at Associated Technology Solutions, remote support is one of many IT services we offer, with particularly fast response times to Tamworth, Lichfield and Aldridge businesses. However, remote IT support ensures our services are available for companies all over the UK who have problems with their IT.

We’ve analysed the 5 main benefits of having remote IT support – here they are.

Remote supportWhether you’re a small independent company or an established franchise, we believe that remote support is an essential element to keeping your IT running smoothly. Here’s how remote support can benefit your business:

There’s no need for an engineer to visit your site. Our IT technicians simply gain remote access to your PC and can usually fix most issues quickly without causing disruption at your offices.

Remote Support means constant assistance whenever you need it. No unnecessary waiting times guarantee that you don’t need to wait around for an engineer.

Your problems are resolved much quicker. With instant access to your system via specialist software, the problem can be identified and resolved before you know it, so you can get back to work without any interruptions saving time and money.

There’s no costly call out charge! When you’re signed up with ATS for remote support, there’s no additional charge.

There’s no need to employ an IT engineer for your business, meaning no commitment and no hefty salary and none of the responsibility of directly employing someone. With ATS we are here when you need us, we’re only a phone call away.

If you feel  your business could benefit from remote IT support or any of ATS support services,  contact us now to discuss how remote support can benefit your business  on 0121 667 4147 or visit our contact us page.

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