Business Server Support

Business Server Support

ATS is dedicated to delivering the highest level of support possible to clients across a range of technological applications, including servers. By combining proactive monitoring software and an expert support team, ATS supplies a comprehensive server support package that safeguards your business against IT failures.

Remote Server Monitoring

ATS provides remote server monitoring, an effective and efficient service that takes premeditative steps to identify server issues at the root, before they become damaging to your IT system and business. By responding quickly to server issues ATS helps to support your business at all times, saving money further down the line, by providing an advanced warning and preventing damaging IT issues from coming to fruition.

Our management software is active 365 days a year and performs a plethora of server checks. The proactive system ensures that the latest antivirus and spyware update patches are installed and functional. We also schedule downtime windows, with minimal disruption, in order to perform comprehensive server maintenance and reboot to ensure maximum server efficiency as well as the enactment of daily health checks.

Remote sever monitoring is available for contract clients from as little as 79 pence a day, per server, in exchange for peace of mind and a comprehensive, premeditative support package. Your server will be in safe hands.

Expert Support

As well as a premeditative support package, ATS also provides expert advice through our engineers when server faults occur. Clients can utilise a range of support channels to access the knowledge and experience of our staff.

Remote support can be implemented for server faults. By accessing your severs from a remote location the need for a call out engineer is negated, increasing response time, getting your server operational faster and reducing the impact on your business.

Business server support is also available online and over the phone, our helpdesk is run by multiple engineers meaning a wealth of knowledge and experience in various areas is available to your business. You can be connected to field engineers if your server issue is critical. We can send dedicated server consultants to premises in order to expedite turnaround time. We offer a range of response levels, from a basic 24 hours callout to our critical response times of 4 and 8 hours.

Server Installation and Reconfiguration

Is your business growing and you need to look to the future? ATS not only supports your existing server needs, but can also provide, install and configure new servers, so your IT service can evolve with your business.

Regardless of whether we provide your server, our professionals are adept at delivering a quick and effective installation service.

For more information regarding the business server support we can provide to you, please email our experts at or call us on 0121 667 4147