Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Whatever type of business you run, your data is valuable and irreplaceable.  Unfortunately, many companies still do not have any form of data backup solution for their data, or what they do have is neither reliable nor sufficient for their needs.  This means that in the event of losing your data, the cost of restoring it can be enormous, both in terms of money and downtime.

When you contact us to discuss your data backup and recovery requirements, we will talk you through how our data backup and recovery solutions could be implemented to suit your requirements. It is always advisable that you should have at least one offsite backup to cover you in the event of a disaster at your premises such as a fire, flood or even a break-in.

Data Backup Solutions

To ensure the safety of one of your most valuable assets, your Data. Associated Technology Solutions will provide you with reliable data backup and recovery solution, we have our own private data facility for offsite client backups, ensuring your data is backed up, offsite and secure. And in the event of a problem of any nature, your data is recoverable quickly and easily. We offer many types of data backup solutions including test retrieval from many types of media including DVD, tape drives and hard drives.  We regularly test the status of your backed-up data to make sure it’s working as a backup and usable as a recovery tool. This is as well as providing help and assistance to ensure you can manage your backups during data recovery.

We are a data recovery specialist and by letting us look after your company’s data, we are able to take your data offsite on a daily basis and make it accessible to you so that you can recover any lost documents, folders or the entire server. We guarantee that even in the worst case scenario your data will be safe offsite in our private data facility.

Cloud Backup

As well as providing backup and data recovery solutions, we can also offer advice on, and help with, cloud data backup solutions.  The cloud is an internet system which allows you to store, access and manipulate your data on any device with just internet connection and browser software.   We will help you understand how it works and how it can benefit your business, especially where you have remote workers.  If you are already making use of cloud storage, we can offer you the reassurance that your files have adequate protection.

For more information on protecting your company’s data with our backup and recovery solutions, please email us at or call us on 0121 667 4147.