IT Outsourcing

A major benefit of outsourcing your IT is the cost. You are not committing to an employee salary (and inherent NI cost), employee benefits and HR issues. With a typical salary for an IT technician adding up to over £20,000 a year IT outsourcing makes complete commercial sense.

Our IT outsourcing services are a flexible and sound option for your business. You have complete control over the services you require and when you need them. Our IT experts can help you create a tailor-made package to suit your budget and business needs, and if required, we can tailor a payment plan to assist with cashflow to suit your individual business.

Outsourcing your IT is a stress-free solution for your business

Our local IT outsourcing team helps local businesses to work more effectively and productively, without the need and cost of directly employing an IT technician. Our comprehensive services include pretty much everything from data recovery to proactive IT support, and our flexibility allows us to provide the right, most effective services to suit your business needs.

Our Server Support – Lite Package is a popular feature amongst our current clients; this package involves monitoring your servers and systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year so we can alert you of any possible issues before it’s too late. This service provides you with an up to date status of your servers at all times, enabling you the freedom of choice as to what action to take and when.

Local IT Outsourcing

With offices based Tamworth, Aldridge and Lichfield we can offer IT support throughout the Midlands. Our head office in Lichfield with many clients in this and the Tamworth and Aldridge areas we are becomming a friendly and well established option for your IT outsourcing needs.

If you think your company would benefit from IT outsourcing in Tamworth,Lichfield and Aldridge or for any of your IT needs, please contact us today. One of our IT experts can discuss with you the services that may be best for your business needs. Call us on 0121 667 4147 or fill out a contact form.