IT Maintenance Contracts

To enable you to focus on your business and not worry about your IT systems, Associated Technology Solutions can provide an IT maintenance contract that will be tailored to the requirements of your IT department. These IT maintenance contracts are designed to offer you peace of mind by providing you with complete IT solutions.  We will work closely with you to ensure that you receive all the support that you need, from day-to-day IT support to providing long-term planning for your future IT requirements. Our IT maintenance contracts start from as little as £13 a month. Our basic IT maintenance contracts offer telephone support whilst our more advanced IT maintenance contracts offer remote and local IT support.

Local IT Support

Our more advanced IT maintenance contracts offer local IT support. If there are problems that cannot be solved with remote IT support we have a range of response times available for our IT callout engineers. There is a basic 24 hour response or if required a faster 4 – 8 hour response time. This local IT support is available in and around the Tamworth area and the West Midlands.

Remote IT Support

Using our state-of-the-art automated technology, we are able to automatically check your systems proactively every 5 or 15 minutes the whole year round. This remote IT support is designed to give you peace of mind and is to make sure issues are detected and fixed before they turn into problems that would disrupt your business. Remote IT support can be a lot more cost effective than Local IT support.

The cost of IT maintenance contracts involving remote IT support can be variable. For example if your business has a web server you might be interested in our Server Support Lite Package. This package starts at £24.99 a month and offers you remote monitoring around the clock. There is no set fee for local or remote IT support. You decide on the level of support you need. Our fully managed IT maintenance contracts allow you to leave the operation of your IT systems to us, leaving you safe in the knowledge that we will ensure that they will run effectively and efficiently at all times.

For more information on our range of IT maintenance contracts and how we can provide a solution to your IT requirements, please contact us by completing the email form or by using the telephone number provided.