PC Monitor 24hr Service

Proactive IT monitoring

Through proactive IT monitoring of your IT infrastructure, we can reduce the risks of costly downtime, optimise system performance and improve security.  By performing regular remote monitoring and maintenance of your systems, we can keep your IT infrastructure running smoothly and effectively. Proactive IT is designed to help elimintate problems before they have a negative and costly impact on your companies IT system.

IT monitoring from just £2.99 per month

Costing as little as £2.99 per device per month proactive IT allows ATS to carry out checks on your system, via remote monitoring of your servers, workstations and network devices using our state-of-the-art automated technology.  These checks can be programmed to occur every 5 or 15 minutes every day, all year round identifying predictive failures before they take place.  On discovering any predictive failures, we are then able to notify or fix them with no, or little, disruption to your business.

In addition to server and network monitoring, we are able to proactively monitor your entire system including, PCs and printers as well as any other devices on your network, preventing costly interruption to daily activities.

Early warnings for predictable failure

For many businesses  proactive IT allows for the essential monitoring of systems for minor problems. Through proactive IT monitoring ATS are able to find faults and then fix them, sometimes before you know that anything is even wrong.  During server monitoring, we ensure that the latest anti-virus and spyware updates and patches are loaded. We also  specialise in identifying and resolving any problems before they become critical and affect the operation of your business.  We will also schedule downtime for general server maintenance and reboots at times with minimal disruption.

For further information on how our proactive IT monitoring systems can benefit your business by keeping your IT systems running smoothly, please email us at info@associatedtech.net or call us on 0121 667 4147.